Bee Products Healing Center (BPHC)

BPHC started in Jan. 2009 using bee products as the main products to heal different diseases. The main products were (Honey, Propolis, Royal jelly, Bee pollen, Bee bread, Bee wax, Bee sting (Bee Venom), Bee larvae, and Hive Inhalation ….etc. all products were exported from outside Oman mainly from EU, UK, Brazil except the honey and bee sting. The BPHC started with few numbers of patients and this number has been increased day after day. As a head of BPHC, I gave presentation in Nizwa University 2011, in Omani Women’s Association 2012 and participate in Sultan Qaboos University exhibition 2013.

The BPHC healed many cases of bone disease (bone diseases, spine, knees, shoulder….), as well as skin diseases, mouth and tooth, cold and cough. BPHC cure also with inflammation and throat infection. Hemorrhoids, abscess, eye infection, sinusitis and asthma. Weak blood circulation, MS and other

The aim of the PBHC is to open the Bee Pharmacy which depends mainly in bee products as alternative medicine.